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Complete algotrading solution provider

As a group of developers and traders, we make your trading ideas come true.

We take pride in the fact that we can provide complete solutions to clients, starting from ideas, delivering a working system. You enter our shop with a problem you have and we work together to provide the best solution for you, Don’t limit yourself to what can be done, we will take care of the technology to provide you with a complete solution.

Do you have a trading strategy that you would like to automate?
We have the skills and knowledge to do exactly that. Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients’ satisfaction rate can speak for us.

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Built and tested by professional traders

What we excel at

We rely heavily on innovative technology to provide high-quality and consistent solutions, algo trading is our primary resource to offer a complete solution for clients.


Backtesting new ideas provides clear insight into the trading strategy ins and outs


We provide strategy performance reports that are crystal clear and easy to understand


Implementing the strategy and connecting it to the broker to support live trading.


Issuing periodical broker reports verifying your strategy is on track.

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Strategies that work for you

Our patented Trading Strategies

Here’s a list of few of the many strategies we have implemented, from backtesting to live trading.

Momentum Strategy

Trading strategy that is taken straight from the trading text book “Stocks on the move”, by Andreas Clenow, updated with our local twist for current market conditions.

The strategy is long-only US equity strategy, capturing the top momentum stocks in the S&P500 and riding the momentum while periodically rebalancing to manage risk properly.

Breakout Strategy

Why not take advantage of a breakout event in a specific stock? This strategy will cover that event for you, investing in US equity with a potential to explode, sensing the explosion is near and executing an early entry while mitigating risk while a position is open.

Grid Trading Crypto & Forex

Grid trading has many flavors, we have adopted a more complex grid management to endure high probability trading on a selected number of FX pairs and Crypto coins.

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Let’s talk business

Let's talk business


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