February 2, 2020 admin

Take Five – week #5

#1 – S&P500 performance this week is down 2.1%, this is a significant move to the down side attributed mostly to the Coronavirus outbreak, Brexit instability and the fact that the market reached oversold levels and was long overdue for a correction 
#2 – Observing the equities in the S&P500 index we find that the Lowest P/E (Cheapest stock) in the S&P500 – is SWN and the Highest P/E (Most expensive stock)  in the S&P500 is FDX, this means that SWN’s price is low in relation to its earnings while FDX’s price is extremely high. Ranking companies by earnings is especially important during earning season.
#3 – Of all 500 constituents of the S&P500, 48 stocks made 52 weeks high today vs 13 that made 52 weeks low, making a 52 weeks high for a stock is a significant technical event, one that makes a strong blip on many traders radar, so is making a 52 weeks low, the higher the difference, the more bias there is in the market for the long side.
#4 – FUN FACT:
The US is holding 40% of the entire world stock markets, followed by Japan with 7.6%


#5 – The AOB TradeAdvisoryTM service provides in depth analysis for traded assets so you can base your trading decision on facts and data and leave the emotion aside.

You just submit your trade details and we will do the proper research and analysis and send you the report.

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