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Weekly Wrap-up #7

Hello traders,
We’re bringing you this week’s Market Outlook, Technical Analysis of assets favored by our trading algo as well as the latest Money Talks article.

Is MSFT a buy?

MSFT has been on a parabolic move to the upside, the company reported earnings not long ago and surprised analysts by almost 15%, it has exploded to 190$ but then retreated slightly to around 180$. Is MSFT a buy at these levels, or has the company run its course?
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February 10, 2020

The S&P500 index was up +3.2% last week and closed at 3227, mostly due to Coronavirus fears removed, President Trump acquittal from impeachment and no surprise in earning reports, this goes along the line that we have played for the past few weeks and months.
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Calculating risk in every single trade

There are many aspects to issuing a single trade, you have to know when to enter and exit? how to manage the open position ? etc.. One very basic aspect of a trade is pre-determining the risk inherent in that specific trade. There are many definitions to the word risk in the trading world, of all the professional jargon, this word specifically has many interpretations.
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Risk Management

We deliver a recorded webinar on how to practically use the most out of our Risk Calculator tool when managing your risk on making trades.

Learn how to limit the maximum loss of each and every trade before you issue the order to the broker

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