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Weekly Wrap-up #8

Hello traders,
We’re bringing you this week’s Market Outlook, Technical Analysis of assets favored by our trading algo as well as the latest Money Talks article.

Is FTSE a buy?

We have started coverage of the FTSE as one of our trading opportunity for 2020. This week’s short summary for the UK index: The FTSE recovered quickly from the latest drop , it was a steep drop down but the index quickly recovered forming a classic technical 1-2-3-4 trend to the upside.

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February 17, 2020

The S&P500 index was up 1.6% last week and closed at 3380.16, this week the coronavirus did not influence the markets much and all news regarding the virus did not move traders to the bullish side.
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Trading the Volatility Breakout System

A trading system is a method to follow when trading the stock market so you have clear instructions about what, when and how to trade. In this article we will show the instructions for the Volatility Breakout strategy.
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Risk Management

We deliver a recorded webinar on how to practically use the most out of our Risk Calculator tool when managing your risk on making trades.

Learn how to limit the maximum loss of each and every trade before you issue the order to the broker

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