December 8, 2023

Stock Portfolio Management As a Service

Managing a stock portfolio means manually adding or removing stocks in the portfolio, when the portfolio is live, updating it is a must for every trader.
Using a broker’s paper portfolio means you may “try before you buy” your assets. 

But if you wanted to try several portfolios for different strategies, accounts, or clients, then you would need an online service that can provide multiple portfolio management, There are plenty of such services but all of them limit you to manually manage them, there is no service to manage multiple portfolios automatically at scale. 

The solution to managing multiple portfolios at scale, programmatically, with no person in the loop, was missing until now, but it is available now. 

AlphaOverBeta provides API for managing portfolios (plus asset watchlist) as a service.

The service uses REST API to create, update, and delete a portfolio without the need for a database or management logic. The service does all the portfolio creation and update logic while providing an easy-to-use API for any app to access. The service can create, update, and provide access to a portfolio of assets while the managing app is in total control of the assets, their size, and entry price  

The service is provided for any app developer who needs to control a portfolio of stocks for the app they are developing while skipping the need to develop the actual portfolio management logic and database, the API is easy and intuitive so the entrance barrier is quite low. 

Examples of use

The URL for creating a portfolio is:

Returning a portfolio ID for the app to manage, each portfolio has a unique ID in the system so apps manage ID’s, with each ID corresponding to a specific portfolio, once this ID is obtained, the app developer may use that to update the portfolio with a traded asset by sending a rest request[id]&step=add&symbol=[symbol]&quantity=[quantity]

The stock is added to the portfolio and the entry price is the real price of the asset at the time of update, 

To retrieve the current state of the portfolio, just issue a fetch request :[id]&step=fetch

The entire portfolio is fetched and returned to the app for display purposes, the portfolio returns the current price, daily and total change,pnl, and more for each asset in the portfolio.

Possible use cases

An app testing live a specific strategy, may add code to access the portfolio when the strategy triggers a buy to add a stock to the portfolio or triggers a sell to remove one from the traded portfolio, no need to link to a broker for this operation. The strategy code sends update requests to the service which in turn maintains the portfolio for the specific strategy.

Another use case may be an educational website providing online portfolios for students while maintaining control and analysis over the portfolios so students may improve trading skills while trading, a teaching figure may review the portfolios and province insights to steer the students in the right direction while the portfolio is updated by the students,

More information can be found at

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