Successful Trading. Consistently.

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Successful Trading. Consistently.

Algotrading made easy

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Successful Trading. Consistently.

Algotrading made easy

Connect to our Award-winning AI Trading Systems

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Why algo-trading?

Stock trading can be very profitable, professional traders can make high returns, sometimes 10x and more on their initial capital. However, professional trading requires time, knowledge and skills. Modern traders uses trading algorithms to automate their trading, currently almost 70% of the stock trading is done by algorithms.

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Now you too can enjoy the benefits of trading algorithms to make money. Connect your broker account to one of our award-wining trading strategies to maintain a consistently profitable portfolio.


Eliminate human emotional decisions, trade based only on objective parameters


Don’t waste your free time, enjoy it instead while the trading is done automatically


Our trading strategies are constantly back-tested and tweaked to assure optimized results


We use diversification mechanism in every strategy to minimize risk to your portfolio

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Solid Momentum

This is a trading strategy that invests in the top momentum stocks of the US stock market. It has a unique ranking method for selecting top momentum stocks selected for future strong momentum. The selected stocks are also filtered with high volume and price to insure liquidity and proper spreads. This strategy manages risk in such a way that it monitors the stock behavior on a daily basis to test if any asset increases volatility. In the case where a stock increases volatility that may be potentially harmful to the investment portfolio, the stock is filtered out of the strategy selection.

This is a relatively low volatility strategy, specifically designed for generating income over a number of months without major drawdowns.

  • Annual Return: 17.14% (S&P500 return 14.63%)
  • Largest DrawDown: -7.68% (S&P500 DrawDown -19.92%)
  • Sharpe: 1.5 (S&P500 Sharpe 0.91)

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· No service termination fees
· Free paper account forever


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with Alpaca?

No, we are not affiliated with Alpaca or any other brokerage platform at all.

Can you pull money from my account?

No, we only execute orders to buy and sell assets in your account.

Do you transfer money to you in any way?

No, the money stays in your account at all times.

Where can I see the trading strategy performance?

You may review past performance in the Trading Strategy Performance section of our website or live performance in your connected trading account.

Who has control over my account after I connect it with you?

You are the owner of the account at all times. We only have permission to trade assets in the account.

Can I terminate my relationship with Alpha Over Beta at any time?

Yes you can. Without warning or any repercussions afterwards.

How long can I trade my paper account with you?

Indefinitely and for free.

What is required from me after the connection to your platform?

Nothing, basically. Just review the account performance from time to time.

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